In 2022 NGS will replace the NAD83 and NAVD88 datum’s and needs user input on what support is necessary. This includes State Plane Coordinates and vertical bench marks. Currently they do not intend to maintain hard physical control (NGS Monuments as we know them) any longer and only use virtual control (ie: GNSS data). Even if you seldom actually use State Plane Coordinates in your projects, think of the county GIS and other mapping that you do use and how a shift in coordinates would affect those and your use of them.

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Transportation Research Board requests input regarding the NGS Reference Frame 2022
As you may be aware, the National Geodetic Survey has initiated activities aimed at establishing a new, earth-centered, earth fixed Reference Frame in 2022, replacing NAD 83 and NAVD 88. The new Reference Frame should provide the user with greater accuracy, both horizontally and vertically. It will include North, East, Elevation, and Velocity. As part of our involvement with NGS, the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Geospatial Data Acquisition Technologies in Design and Construction would like to gather information from the perspective of transportation mapping professionals regarding how we might use this new Reference Frame, what benefits we anticipate, and what concerns you might have.

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