Greetings, SCSPLS Member

Thank you for electing me as your 2023-2024 SCSPLS President.  I look forward to continuing the excellent leadership our organization had in the past.

SCSPLS will continue to provide an organization to promote and protect the profession of land surveying as a social and economic influence vital to the affairs of men and women and the community. We will continue to educate and legislate for our members.

My goal for this year is to promote professionalism and fellowship within our organization, our members and all Professional Land Surveyors in South Carolina.

Our license says it – we are Professional Land Surveyors.  By emphasizing the word “Profession”, we need to educate the people of South Carolina that this term signifies and describes our knowledge, education and skills required to survey land in our state.  We need to continue to conduct ourselves, jobs and relationships as the professionals we are as a PLS.

While we may all come from varying backgrounds, we share at least one thing in common, land surveying.  Fellowship means being a part of a group.  Let us join together as a group to share ideas, experiences and fun!  Come to our meetings.  Come to Beaufort. Come to the Technical Conference.  Let’s gather and be a resource, support and professional network of surveyors.

To be a strong group of Professional Land Surveyors, your membership is vital to continue to adapt and grow as an organization and as a profession.

I look forward to serving our members and South Carolina as your 2023-2024 SCSPLS President.

2023-2024 SCSPLS President
C.A. Shealy, PLS