Recognizing that service to Society, to State, and to profession is the premise upon which individual opportunity must be built, the South Carolina Society of Professional Land Surveyors does hereby dedicate itself to the promotion and protection of the profession of land surveying as a social and economic influence vital to the affairs of men and of the community.



SECTION 1.  NAME.  The name of this organization shall be the “South Carolina Society of Professional Land Surveyors,” hereinafter call the “Society.”

SECTION 2.  LOCATION.  The Society shall be incorporated as a non-profit educational organization under the laws of the State of South Carolina with offices in the Columbia area or such other place designated by the Board.

SECTION 3.  OBJECT.  The object of the Society shall be the advancement of the public welfare and the professional, social and economic interests of the Professional Land Surveyor by promotion of education, legislation and public relations through the establishment and maintenance of high ethical standards and practices.  It is proposed to bring about coordination between the Land Surveying and other Professions with similar or related interest through close cooperation and active liaison.



SECTION 1.  FULL MEMBER.  Any person is eligible for membership in this Society who is a Professional Land Surveyor of good standing in the State of South Carolina, or in any other State or Territory of the United States, having laws regulating the practice of land surveying and the licensing of Professional Land Surveyors.  Non-resident members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges except that of holding office.  Any eligible person may apply for membership through appropriate application and agreement to comply with the rules and regulations of the Society.  Applications for membership shall be approved by the Membership Committee.  Applications shall be accompanied by the admission fees and dues as set in the By-Laws, Section 1 & 2.

SECTION 2.  CANCELLATION.  Only members whose dues are currently paid shall be eligible to vote.  Should a member fail to submit current annual dues within ninety (90) calendar days from the beginning of the fiscal year, said person shall be notified in writing by the Secretary and dropped from membership in the Society.  The request of such a person for readmission must be accompanied by dues in full for the current fiscal year and all prior late fees assessed when the member was dropped.

SECTION 3.  ASSOCIATE MEMBER.  Any person who is working toward registration as a Land Surveyor may become an Associate Member of the Society upon compliance with the following.  Application and acceptance shall be as for regular, full membership.  Initiation fees and dues shall be as fixed by the Board of Directors.  Associate Members shall have all rights and privileges of membership except the holding of office or balloting in the election of officers.  Associate members shall be encouraged to become Registered Land Surveyors and full members of the Society.

SECTION 4.  EMERITUS MEMBER.  Any member who has reached the age of 65 and has been a member in good standing for 15 or more consecutive years may apply for Emeritus Membership subject to approval by the Board.  Emeritus members have all rights and privileges of full membership.  Dues exempt.

Application and nomination for emeritus membership:  Application for emeritus membership, giving the name and qualifications of the proposed candidate, shall be submitted in writing to the Membership Committee.  This Committee shall review and investigate the application and report to the Board of Directors, who, upon an affirmative majority vote, will present said application to the membership present for approval/rejection.  Upon such approval, the applicant shall be advised of acceptance as an emeritus member.  Emeritus members shall submit a request each year to renew their membership.  The Board of Directors, upon an affirmative majority vote, will direct the Secretary to advise the emeritus member of renewal.

SECTION 5.  SUSTAINING MEMBER.  Any commercial or professional institution or individual interested in surveying and mapping, the manufacture of instruments or equipment for this work or the production or compilation of maps.  Sustaining members shall have all rights and privileges of full membership except the holding of office and voting.

Application and nomination for sustaining membership.  Any eligible person may apply for membership through appropriate application and agreement to comply with the rules and regulations of the Society.  Applications for membership shall be presented to the chairman of the Membership Committee.  The committee shall review the application and report to the Board of Directors who, upon an affirmative majority vote, will present said application to the membership present for approval/rejection.  Upon such approval, the applicant shall be advised of acceptance into membership.  Any willful misstatement in the application shall be grounds for rejection of the application or for expulsion of the member if the member has already been elected to membership.  Application shall be accompanied by the admission fee and dues.

SECTION 6.  HONORARY MEMBER.  The Board may bestow upon any person, who has rendered acknowledged eminent service and who has made valuable and outstanding contributions to the profession, the title of Honorary Member.   Honorary members shall have all rights and privileges of full membership except the holding of office and balloting in the election of officers.  Dues exempt.

Application and nomination for honorary membership.  Nomination for honorary membership, giving the name and qualifications of the proposed candidate, shall be submitted in writing to the Membership Committee.  This Committee shall investigate the qualifications of the nominee and report to the Board of Directors, who, upon a majority vote, shall approve or reject the same.  After approval by a majority vote, the Board shall submit the nomination to the Society membership.  After approval by a two-thirds vote of the membership present, the nominee will officially become an honorary member.  Honorary Membership must be updated annually.

SECTION 7.  STUDENT MEMBER.  Any student of a school of higher education recognized by the Board of Directors who is interested in Land Surveying or related professions.  Student members shall not be eligible to vote or hold office in the Society.



SECTION 1.  OFFICERS.  The Society shall have as officers as President, a President-Elect, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Secretary and a Treasurer.  The President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected annually.  The Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer may serve consecutive terms.  The President-Elect shall serve a three-year term; one year as President-Elect; one year as President; and one year as Immediate Past President.  A minimum two-year hiatus is required for eligibility to a second term in the office of President or President Elect.  Service as an officer is limited to two years in each office.  The aforesaid six officers shall comprise the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall serve as a planning committee for the Board of Directors and as a financial committee for the Society.

SECTION 2.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  The Society shall have a Board of Directors composed of the Executive Committee, District Directors, Chapter Representatives and NSPS Governor.  The President shall be ex officio chairman of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.     The term of service shall be from July 1 to June 30.  The Directors, one from each of the society Districts in the State of South Carolina, shall serve two-year terms, staggered as follows:  those from the odd-numbered Districts shall be elected in odd-numbered years, and those from even-numbered Districts shall be elected in even-numbered years.  Directors may serve as members or chairmen of standing committees.  The NSPS Governor shall serve a two-year term and be elected by the General Membership.  Each local chapter of the Society shall appoint a Chapter Representative who shall serve on the Board of Directors for one year in addition to the elected directors.

SECTION 3.  VACANCIES.  A vacancy in any office shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors for the unexpired term.

SECTION 4.  TREASURER.  The expenses of the Treasurer and expenses of any other member or person serving the Society shall be allowed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.  This approval will be in the form of the approved annual budget.  Other specific items that are not in the approved annual budget must be approved on a case by case basis.



SECTION 1.  ELECTION OF OFFICERS.  The President, at the second General Business Meeting of each year, shall appoint a Nominating Committee of three, one of which will be the Immediate Past President, who will serve as Chairman.  The Nominating Committee shall present its slate of officers at the third General Business Meeting and open the floor at the time for additional nominations.  All persons being nominated must be present when the nominations are made or a letter of acceptance presented at that time.  A ballot shall be mailed out to the voting membership on or before April 15 and the ballots must be returned by May 1 to be counted.  At the Annual Convention the President shall appoint a tellers committee who shall count the votes and announce the results at the Convention General Business Meeting.  Brief resumes of each candidate shall accompany the ballots.

SECTION 2.  ELECTION OF DISTRICT DIRECTORS.  When members cast their ballots for District Directors they are to vote for only one, the District of the District where their place of business or residence is located.  When a ballot has been cast for more than one District Director it will be void.



SECTION 1.  APPOINTMENT.  All standing committees and special committees shall be appointed as outlined in Section V-2, with the majority approval of the Board of Directors.


A.  The following standing committees and special committees shall be appointed by the President to serve one year:

1.  Newsletter

2.  Public Relations

3.  Membership

4.  Activities and Programs

5.  Legal and Legislative

6.  Ethics and Standards of Practice

7.  Constitution and By-Laws

8.  Convention

B.  The following committees shall be appointed to serve three year staggered terms with one member appointed annually by the President and one member appointed annually by the Past President’s Council:

1.      Education

2.      Scholarship

C.  The following committees shall serve perpetually without appointment:

1.  Past Presidents Council

SECTION 3.  DUTIES.  The duties of all committees shall be defined by the Board of Directors.  The Committee Chairperson shall be responsible for preparing the Committee’s annual written report which is to be submitted to the Board at the Annual Convention.



SECTION 1.  AMENDMENTS.  Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by a majority of the Board of Directors or by petition signed by a majority of the members in good standing.  Amendments submitted by petition shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors before being submitted to the General Membership for ballot.  If the number of signatures on the petition falls below the required fifty-one (51) percent through the withdrawal of names by request of petitioners, the proposed amendment shall not be circulated for ballot unless approved by the Board of Directors with or without modifications.

Proposed amendments to the Constitution shall be mailed by the Secretary to each member with ballot.

An amendment shall become effective only upon the affirmative vote of two thirds (2/3) of the votes cast by qualified members.



SECTION 1.  PRESIDENT.  The President shall be an ex officio member of all committees.  In the absence of the President, the order of succession as presiding officer at all meetings of the Society shall be the President-Elect, the Vice President, the Immediate Past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and members of the Board of Directors in order of their seniority on the Board.

SECTION 2.  SECRETARY.  The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the Society and the Board of Directors.  He shall issue all calls, notices, etc., as instructed by the President and/or the Board of Directors.  He shall conduct the correspondence of the Society and have custody of all books, papers and records.  He shall maintain a membership record showing the accounts of each member of the Society.  All books and records shall be kept in the forms as prescribed by the Board of Directors.  He shall submit at each annual meeting a complete report of the year’s business of the Society.

The Secretary shall have prepared annually a bound copy of the Constitution together with a complete roster of the membership and a list of Officers, Directors, and Committees.

SECTION 3.  TREASURER.  The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the Society and shall deposit as directed by the Board of Directors.  He shall keep a complete record of the financial affairs in such forms as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors.  The books and records of the Treasurer shall be audited annually or as directed by the Board of Directors.



SECTION 1.  BY-LAWS.  By-Laws may be amended by majority vote at any Board of Directors business meeting of the Society.



SECTION 1.  ORDER OF BUSINESS.  All business meetings shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following:

1.  Reading of minutes of previous meeting.

2.  Unfinished business.

3.  Report of Officers and Chairmen of Committees.

4.  New business.

5.  Adjournment.

6.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the accepted parliamentary procedure of the Society.





The South Carolina Society of Professional Land Surveyors (herein called the SCSPLS) hereby declares and establishes this 9th day of May, 1998, that it holds in an irrevocable trust fund to be known as the SOUTH CAROLINA SOCIETY of PROFESSIONAL LAND SURVEYORS SCHOLARSHIP FUND (herein called the FUND) for worthy young persons who desire to secure an education in land surveying related studies the following property to wit:  thirty thousand one hundred thirty-one dollars and ninety-two cents ($30, 131.92) together with additions thereto and changes therein, and any other property added by the SCSPLS or others, with the powers and the uses and purposes hereinafter set forth as follows:


Object of Fund

The object and purpose of this Fund is exclusively charitable.  Only the net income realized from the FUND, after the payment of necessary expenses in connection with the administration thereof, shall be used in perpetuity to promote education of prospective surveyors of the State of South Carolina by assisting worthy persons who desire to secure an education in land surveying related studies; and in particular to aid such thereof as propose to secure an education at a college or university.


Not For Private Gain

Under no circumstances may the FUND or net income thereof be used or applied for private gain or to carry on propaganda or to influence legislation.  No  part of the FUND or the net income thereof shall at any time inure to the benefit of any individual, partnership, trust or corporation which is not a lawful object of charity under the laws of the State of South Carolina or of the United States.


Governing Board

A Governing Board (herein called the Board), to consist of seven (7) trustees, is hereby constituted for the purpose of directing which persons of several authorized recipients shall be the particular recipients of the income from the FUND at any given time.  The Board shall have the responsibility for the management and investment of the FUND.  Each member of said Board is hereby designated as a Trustee.  Each of the six (6) SCSPLS Districts shall be represented on this Board.  Each District Trustee shall serve a Three (3) year term.  The SCSPLS President shall serve a one year term during his term of office.  The District Trustees shall have staggered terms.  In order to stagger terms in the beginning Districts One (1) and Two (2) shall rotate off after the first year, Districts Three (3) and Four (4) the second year, Districts Five (5) and Six (6) the third year.  Thereafter, these terms shall be three (3) years with two (2) Trustees rotating off annually.  Their replacements are to be appointed as follows;  one by the President of the SCSPLS and one by the SCPLS Past Presidents Council.  The Trustees must be full members of the SCSPLS.  The President of the SCSPLS and the Past Presidents Council shall be responsible for filling all vacancies on the Board whether it be expiration of term of office, death of Trustee or a Trustee ceases to function.  Only full members of the SCSPLS may hold office as a trustee of this fund and the President of the SCSPLS may declare a vacancy when a Trustee is no longer a full Member.  There shall always be at least seven (7) Trustees serving on the Board.  The seven Trustees shall elect their Chairman Annually.


Trustees’ Expenses, Rules and Regulations

The Trustees shall not receive compensation for their services as such, but Trustees who attend meetings of the Board from points beyond the place where such meetings may be held may be reimbursed for their traveling expenses, PROVIDED, however, nothing herein shall prevent the Trustees from compensating any one (although a Trustee) for services beyond routine attendance at Board meetings for necessary work done in the administration of the FUND.  The Board may make its own rules and regulations not inconsistent with this instrument; shall keep minutes of its meetings, acts and doings; and shall carry on its trust in a business-like manner, to the end that income subject to disposal by the Board shall contribute as much as possible to the assistance of individuals pursuing land surveying related studies.


Assistance in Selection of Recipient

In selecting particular individuals who may be recipients of money for assistance in education, said Board may designate any school, college, university, Board of Education or like institution to assist in the selection of such worthy persons to be beneficiaries.  Assistance in selection may also come as a nomination of such beneficiaries from a full member of the SCSPLS.


Residence of Beneficiaries

Individuals who are beneficiaries of the income from this fund shall be residents of the State of South Carolina, although they may use the income received for their education at institutions located outside this State.


Records, Disbursements and Meetings

The Trustees shall at all times keep books, records and accounts of the FUND, which shall be open to inspection by the SCSPLS.  The Trustees shall pay from the income from the FUND such grants to individuals as may be selected as beneficiaries by the Board under the foregoing provisions.  All Fund business must take place at officially called meetings only.  A quorum of four Trustees must be present before proceeding with official business. The Board shall act by majority vote of the Trustees present at officially called meetings.


Accumulation of Income

To the extent that it may be lawful and permissible, without subjecting the income of the FUND to taxation, the Trustees may accumulate the income from the FUND, or accumulate a part of the income, where the Board wishes to make some donation of so substantial an amount as would be impossible or unwarranted from one year’s income.


Control Over Grant

The Board may prescribe the use to which any individual may put any grants or money that may be made from the FUND.


Trust is Perpetual

The trust herein created shall operate perpetually.  If it should prove impossible for any reason to carry out any of the grants or directions herein contained, a court having jurisdiction shall, by approximation, effect the purposes of this trust in the manner and to the extent intended by the SCSPLS as herein expressed, as nearly as possible.  If any of the provisions herein made are illegal or improper for any reason, the entire trust shall not be rendered invalid, but only that portion thereof affected by such illegality, and the Trustees shall appropriate no further funds for such illegal purpose, but only to lawful charitable purposes.


Additions to Trust

The Trustees may accept for the purposes of this trust, money, insurance, property of any sort from any person by gift, devise, bequest, deed, conveyance, or otherwise, and all such additions shall be added to, and become in all respects a part of, the FUND, to be held and managed in accordance with all of terms and conditions hereof.  The income from such additions shall be disposed of in the same manner and as part of the general income from the FUND.


Trustee’s Duties and Powers

In the management of this trust, the Board herein specified shall have the following powers, authority and direction which may be exercised by it as it may deem advisable without the necessity of any application to, or approval of, any officer, court or tribunal:

Serve Without Giving Bond

(1)  To serve without giving bond and without making any reports and inventories or appraisal to any officer or court, but the Trustees shall keep full accounts and shall make annual reports to the SCSPLS.

Investment of Corpus

(2)  To retain indefinitely in the trust estate any property or investment in the form in which it may be received, and to invest and reinvest the corpus of the trust in any form of property without regard to any limitations of law restricting the character or size of investments which may be made or retained by executors and trustees, always having regard, however, for the needs of the beneficiaries, and the size of the trust estate.  The Trustees may exercise their discretion or reinvesting or not reinvesting any part of the trust estate which may not be productive income.

Sale or Exchange of Trust Corpus

(3)  To sell or exchange for any purpose any or all of the corpus of the trust estate, at public or private sale, with or without order or authority from any officer, court or tribunal, and without advertisement, and on such terms as to credit or otherwise as the Trustees may deem advisable.


4)  To extend or renew existing obligations and to make new obligations, whether for the purpose of borrowing money or otherwise, and transfer as collateral or security therefor all or any part of the assets of the trust estate.

Employ Agents

(5)  To employ such agents, brokers, accountants and attorneys as the Trustees deem advisable.

Replacement or Repair

(6)  In the event of a fire which shall damage or destroy any building in the trust estate, the Trustees are authorized to rebuild or not rebuild in their discretion, and may repair, alter or rebuild any building by reason of its being obsolete, dangerous or otherwise unsuitable for use.


(7)  To make leases or contracts for any term, though extending beyond the term of any trust.

Name in Which Securities Held

(8)  To hold bonds, shares or other securities in bearer form, or in the name of the TRUST.

Vote Stock

(9)  To vote in person or by general or limited proxy with respect to any shares of stock or securities held by it; to consent, directly or through a committee or other agent, to the reorganization, consolidation, merger, dissolution or liquidation of any corporation which the trust may have any interest, or to sale, lease, pledge or mortgage of any property by or to any such corporation; and to make payments and to take steps which it may deem necessary or proper to enable it to obtain the benefit of any such transaction.

Compromise Claims

(10)  To compromise, compose or settle any claim in favor of or against the trust estate or any terms deemed advisable.

Determination of Corpus and Income

(11)   To determine what is the corpus and what is the gross and net income of the trust estate; to allocate between principal and income any loss or expenditure in connection with the estate, and if deemed advisable to amortize any loss out of the income.

Distributions and Divisions

(12)   To make any distributions and divisions provided in this trust in cash or in kind or partly in cash and partly in kind, and the Trustees are given a final discretion in determining the values to be assigned to such distributions in kind.



No power given to the Governing Board hereunder, and no other provision of this instrument, shall be construed to enable or permit the Governing Board to:

(1)  Lend any part of the FUND or income therefrom;

(2)  Pay any compensation, in excess of a reasonable allowance for salaries or other compensation for personal services actually rendered;

(3)  Make any part of the services of the TRUST available on a preferential Basis;

(4)  Purchase any property for more than adequate consideration; or

(5)  Engage in any other transaction which results in a diversion of any part of the FUND or income therefrom to the Grantor or to any person who has made a contribution to the FUND, or to any relative by blood or marriage of the Grantor or such contributor, or to any corporation controlled by the Grantor or such contributor.


South Carolina Law Applicable

The SOUTH CAROLINA SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL LAND SURVEYOR’S SCHOLARSHIP FUND shall be carried out pursuant to its terms in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have duly executed and sealed these presents the date and year aforesaid.



BY:  Bryan A. Gosnell   (SEAL)


BY:  William F. Todd, Jr.  (SEAL)


BY:  R. David Branton  (SEAL)


BY:  William C. White, Jr.   (SEAL)


BY:  William A. Whitworth, Sr. (SEAL)


BY:   Joe H. Baird  (SEAL)

Immediate Past-President

Revised 5/9/98



SECTION 1.  ADMISSION FEE.  The admission fee shall be determined by the Board of Directors each year, payable upon filing of application for all types of membership.

SECTION 2.  DUES.  The annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors at the beginning of each fiscal year.  Any change in the amount of admission fee or annual dues to be paid to the Society can be made only by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3.  FISCAL YEAR.  The fiscal year of the Society shall begin July 1.  The Treasurer shall furnish a financial report at all Board of Directors meetings and all General Membership meetings.

SECTION 4.  EXECUTIVE SECRETARY.  The Board of Directors may authorize and engage the services of an Executive Secretary, and her salary and/or compensation shall be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors present at a meeting of the Board.

SECTION 5.  MEETINGS.  The Society shall hold not less than three (3) General Membership meetings and four (4) Board of Directors meetings during each fiscal year, at places and times decided upon by the Board of Directors or as dictated by the Constitution.

SECTION 6:  ANNUAL CONVENTION.  The annual business meeting shall be held in conjunction with the Annual Convention, at a site and on days determined by the Board of Directors.  Two (2) complimentary convention registrations shall be offered to other state societies which are members of the Southeastern Association of Professional Land Surveyors, and which other state societies agree to reciprocate by offering the South Carolina Society of Professional Land Surveyors two (2) complimentary registrations at their respective annual meetings.  The members of such reciprocating societies can attend the annual meetings at regular membership registration fees.  The President-Elect shall be chairman of the convention.  The Vice President shall be in charge of the Plat Contest and the Surveyor of the Year Award.  Chapter Presidents shall be in charge of the Surveyor’s Contest in the following order:  Thomas C. Anderson, Foothills, Midlands, Coastal, Tri-County, Pee Dee, Low Country, Central, Upper Piedmont, Grand Strand, Aiken, Northwest, Mid-State and new chapters in order organized.

SECTION 7:  DELEGATES, REPRESENTATIVES.    Representatives of the Society to serve on the South Carolina Council of Engineering Societies shall be appointed by the Society’s Board of Directors in concert with the constitution of the South Carolina Council of Engineering and Land Surveying Societies.

SECTION 8:  DISSOLUTION.  In the event of dissolution of the Society, if such be necessary or desirable, any funds remaining in the corporate treasury shall not inure to the benefit of any individual or group of individuals.  Any remaining funds, under such circumstances of dissolution of the Society, shall be distributed to another and/or similar non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

SECTION 9:  LOCAL CHAPTERS. To aid and assist in carrying out the objectives and purposes of the Society, the Society will authorize the formation of Local Chapters of the Society in any city, country, or group of counties in the State.  Local Chapters consisting of regular members of this Society may be organized upon application to and approval of the Board of Directors.  Local Chapters shall be governed by a constitution and By-Laws which together with all amendments thereto shall be approved by the Board of Directors of this Society in order to be valid.  Local Chapters must hold not less than five (5) business meetings during each fiscal year and maintain a minimum membership of ten (10).  As a minimum requirement for affiliation, the chapter must maintain at least 25% of its total membership, or at least four (4) of its individual members, whichever is greater, who are also voting members of this Society.  The chapter secretary must annually make a written report on the Chapter’s membership and activities, and a copy must be submitted to the Society Board by the Chapter President at the annual convention.  A chapter may not promulgate nor establish policy which conflicts with the policy of this Society.  The Chapter Representative of each Local Chapter shall be a member of the Board of Directors of the Society and must be a regular voting member of this Society.

Any willful misstatements in the application for affiliation or deviations from the guidelines aforestated shall be grounds for rejection of the application or for expulsion of the local chapter if the chapter has been elected as an affiliate of this Society.


Newsletter Committee.  Newsletter Committee shall assist the Vice President who shall serve as Editor of the newsletter in informing the society of current events at Chapter, State and National Levels.

Duties of the Committee are:

a.  Selection of material to print

b.  Writing

c.  Setting fees for advertisement of yearbook and newsletter

d.  Selling advertisements

e.  Printing and mailing

Public Relations Committee.  Public Relations Committee shall be in charge of adopting programs at the State level in connection with the promotion of National Surveyor’s Week and in other ways that will better inform the public and promote the surveying profession.

Membership Committee.  Membership Committee shall work toward the goal of enlisting every registered, active surveyor as a member of the Society and shall assist in the formation of new chapters, and act on applications for membership.

Activities and Programs Committee.  Activities and Programs Committee shall assist the President by planning and carrying out activities and programs of regular and special meetings except continuing education programs.

Legal and Legislative Committee.  Legal and Legislative Committee shall insure that all activities of the Society are within the laws, ordinances and regulations.  They, along with the Executive Secretary, shall monitor bills before the Legislature that affect the Society.  They shall assist the Executive Committee as needed in wording of new legislation proposed by the Society.

Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee.  It shall assist as needed in the application of the Minimum Standards Manual.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee. Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall oversee the activities of the Society as they relate to Constitution and By-Laws and shall assist the Board of Directors as needed in proposing changes to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society.

Education Committee.  Education Committee shall provide programs and seminars to help the practicing surveyor, whether in the Society or not, to increase his knowledge and develop professionally.  This Committee shall work in cooperation with any group which shall offer administrative and educational support to the Society.  It shall maintain active communications with schools and colleges teaching surveying and mapping at the undergraduate level.

The Committee shall be comprised of six members to be selected as follows:

1997 –     The Society President and the Past Presidents Council shall each appoint three members; one each to a one-year term, one each to a two year term and one each to a three-year term.

1998 –     and each succeeding year – The Society President and the Past Presidents Council shall each appoint one member.

Vacancies because of death or resignation shall be filled by appointment by the Society President with recommendation from the Committee Chairman.

The Committee Chairman shall be elected annually by the Committee after appointments are made and approved.

A $2,500.00 line item shall be provided in the Society budget each year for expenses incurred by the Committee for the procurement of educational materials, preparation for educational presentations and seminars and for promotional materials.  The actual expenses incurred for any particular seminar shall not be credited against this line item.

The Committee shall establish operating procedures and policies and have them included in the Society Policy Manual.

Convention Committee:  Convention Committee shall plan and oversee the annual convention.  The President-Elect shall serve as Chairman of this committee.  This committee shall select the time and place of the annual convention, make invitations to exhibitors and set fees for exhibiting space.  The committee shall coordinate closely with the President who shall invite the out-of-state guests and conduct the annual meeting.

Scholarship Committee.  Scholarship Committee shall oversee the scholarship activities of the Society, shall assist the Constitution and By-Laws Committee as needed in proposing changes to our rules and By-Laws related to Scholarships and Scholarship funds.

Past Presidents Council.  This Council shall serve as an advisory and special projects committee of the Society.  This Committee shall assist the Board of Directors and the Society in long range planning.  The Immediate Past President shall serve as Committee Chairman.

All committees are subject to assisting organizations outside the Society when directed by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 11.  INDEMNIFICATION.  All officers, Directors and Employees of the Society and such others as specified from time to time by the Executive Committee, shall be indemnified by the Society against all expenses and liabilities including counsel fees, reasonably incurred or imposed upon them in connection with any proceeding to which they may be a party, or in which they may become involved, by reason of being or having been an Officer, Director or Employee at the time such expenses are incurred, except in cases wherein the officer, director or employee is adjudged guilty of willful misfeasance or malfeasance in the performance of duties.

The foregoing rights of indemnification shall be in addition to and not exclusive of all other rights to which the indemnified may be entitled.

Revised  5/11/96; 6/96; 6/97; 11/7/97; 5/9/98; 7/21/06; 7/24/09